Fake It Till You Make It

‘Fake it ‘till you make it’
Earthenware, dimensions variable, 2018

These decorative vessels have been made for upcoming group show ‘Build/ Rebuild’ commencing in October 2018 at ‘The Artists Guild’ in Docklands, Melbourne.
‘Fake it till you make it’ interrogates and explores the transformation of materials- culminating in a series of metallic vessels made from clay. 8 vessels of various dimensions (between 20 – 65 cm tall) that will be displayed as a linear series. I am exploring notions of ‘forgery’ in the context of making with metal – and feelings of fraudulence and imposter syndrome experienced as a female artist, hence the title ‘Fake it till you make it’. The work moves through a state of flux – transformed to a static unchanging form. Materiality is questioned – as is value – both as artwork and as the work of artisan.