Edible Vessels

Stoneware, dimensions variable, 2016.

Photography by Janelle Low.

How can the planet survive the destructiveness of the disposable culture in which we exist?
What if plants could evolve to eliminate non organic matter and synthetic environmental competition, like the plastic in the ocean, or the rubbish in the ground, by mimicking their use and eradicating human reliance on plastics?
What if we could manipulate the genetics of our food plants to create vessels, thus eliminating disposable waste?
‘Edible Vessels’ is a product of a heuristic discovery and exploration into manipulation, via a transformation of food into ceramic vessels.
From my weekly visits to the Vic Markets, I have selected a number of fruits and vegetables for their textural qualities and created multiple permanent containers. These unique vessels can be used for eating and drinking out of and for storing things, like sugar, trinkets, secrets. These functional vessels contain permanent signifiers of their origins, which might also trigger a response in how food is tasted from them. Hopefully we are reminded through their use of the ecological devastation the wasteful misuse of resources has on our planet.